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NOTE: You can buy a dedicated handheld for zello, but I’m not covering them on this page (yet).

Zello is an app that you can make, create and join groups for anything. Maybe a group chat for a club or family; whatever your needs.

Where it joins ham radio is when hams started to link it to the wires-x (fusion) network.

Saving the need for potentially expensive radios to get on WIRES-X.

You can download the app on your smart phone or PC (windows; but not Linux or mac – unless you wineHQ it)

Sign up is simple and you can be chatting into wires-x groups like CQ UK in minutes

Download the free Zello app

Available for

Zello for iPhone – – Zello for Android – – Zello for windows

To access CQ-UK you will need the password

See CQ-UK for that

Other options

Bluetooth microphone for mobile phones
Desk or car unit