Team Speak

Fusion C4FM WIRES-X help and information

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So thanks again to wonderful integration of technologies; some clever hams have integrated team speak in to the wires-x network.

Team speak was made mostly for pc gamers to chat to each other when playing online or in groups, but like with anything others have found different uses for it.
One of those uses is for wires-x

So the great news is team speak is free to download and use and there are plenty of servers (rooms) for you to use, including the ham radio ones.

So it is reasonably simple to use, download from their website, by clicking the link or image above. Once you have downloaded, install on your Mac, PC, tablet phone.

Then you click “connections” > “server list”

On the right there is a search type “wires” and apply you will then see the WIRES-X.UK server, you can connect and have a play here

It will be linked at some point but isn’t just yet