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UK Fusion repeater map

Accessing a WIRES-X repeater couldn’t be simpler; program a repeater (local to you) into your WIRES-X radio (split and DTMF tone included) then instead of pressing the PTT, press the WIRES-X button on your radio. As long as the repeater excepts digital WIRES-X

This will send out a handshake, the repeater should return the same. Then you can change rooms on the repeater and use WIRES-X the same as if you have a HRI-200 and second radio set up.

You will still need to set up for a repeater; split frequency and DTMF

Changing a repeaters room will change for everyone. Could be an idea to ask if it is in use before changing rooms


What is a Gateway?

The Gateway is a Local Node that is normally run by a ham who has opened their personal node for anyone to use. This in-turn; linked to a room and then other nodes miles away make up a network (or cluster). Giving greater coverage over a wide area.
That’s where a Local Node is linked to WIRES-X Network and becomes a point of entry for any ham in range on that node; offering theoretically more places to access WIRES-X then repeaters alone.

A gateway in this way acts like a repeater, however without the split and normally offering only one service; in this case WIRES-X (no analogue voice).

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UK repeater & node map (alpha v2)

Updated 09/03/20

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Links to ukrepeater.net for up to date info about linked repeaters

MB6RI – click here

Great place for live map