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Fusion C4FM WIRES-X help and information

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Accessing Repeaters (RSGB)

Accessing a WIRES-X repeater couldn’t be simpler.
Program a repeater (local to you) according to the radios instructions (split and DTMF tone included) and save to a memory slot.
Then instead of pressing the PTT, press the button on your radio. Give it a moment the repeater should then log you on and you can then select a room.
That said, some repeaters work differently;
you’ll need to check the repeater you are trying to access.

This will send out a handshake, the repeater should return the same. Then you can change rooms on the repeater and use WIRES-X the same as if you have a HRI-200 and second radio set up.
Once you’re set up

Changing a repeaters or Gateways room will change for everyone. Could be an idea to ask if it is in use before changing rooms



What is a Gateway?

Similar to a repeater
The Gateway is a Local Node that is normally run by a ham who has opened their personal node for anyone to use.

This in-turn; links to a room and then other nodes miles away make up a network (or cluster). Giving greater coverage over a wide area.
That’s where a Local Node is linked to WIRES-X network and becomes a point of entry for any ham in range on that node; offering theoretically more places to access WIRES-X then repeaters alone.

To run one (attached to an antenna) you’ll need to apply for an NoV to make your gateway public; registered and given an MB6 number, these are then digital only and accessed simplex.

If you are running your own gateway and not been vetted for an NoV then you MUST use a dummy load, making it for private use. All you need to know and how to apply is on RSGB website (click for more)

Node & Repeater Map

Updated 26/09/21 – v2.3

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