Node (HRI-200)

Fusion C4FM WIRES-X help and information

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You will need (hover mouse to view)


ADSL 8 Mbps or more


Laptop or PC running windows

Yaesu Radio

HRI-200 compatible radio


2nd radio

Don’t forget to register with Yaesu

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Do not connect the HRI-200 to the computer until the USB driver has been installed

Installing PC software

Driver & Connecting

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Setting up software

More information on software page (members only)
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Open router ports…

You will need to ensure that you can open the following ports on the router, this allows the WIRES-X program to talk to Yaesu’s systems

UDP* – 46100 – 46110 – 46112 – 46114 – 46120 – 46122

If when you run the port check on the WIRES-X software it says that a port is not open, then you might need to open them manually – how to do this differs from router to router. However a rough guide can be seen in the video below.

Once you have forwarded the port go back to the wires-x software and run the port check again

Faulting tip

If you end up with something like the picture below, then the router is not forwarding the port correctly. This can be for several reasons; best two things to try is deleting the port(s) and trying again or forwarding the range 46100 to 46122

Search the internet for;
how to open ports on router

  • Ports to open UPD*
    • 46100
    • 46110
    • 46112
    • 46114
    • 46120
    • 46122

NOTE: The operating system (Windows) must have the ports open. Some antivirus (like Norton) replaces the Windows firewall, this feature must be disabled

* UPD = User Datagram Protocol
** TCP = Transmission Control Protocol

See FM or Digital for operating modes

If you want to have your own WIRES-X node, you will need to register with Yaesu and have a few bits of kit, eg to have a node operational when you’re not there you will need a full license and NoV and a PC that is always on.


If you decide to make your node available to the amateur radio community, we advise you open it in digital mode, in particular if you decide to connect it to another room. In digital it is possible to control the accesses and above all, the users who use it, will be able to enjoy all the features of WIRES-X.

All you need to really do to make the change is attach an antenna instead of a dummy load.

Node station connected with the HRI-200 interface
The WIRES-X node consists of a PC, the WIRES-X connection kit HRI-200 and a transceiver and is a repeater station used as the WIRES-X access point to connect the internet and the wireless signal alternatively. The WIRES-X node can open and run a community space “room” where multiple nodes can connect at the same time. Furthermore, the news function allows you to upload/download messages or images to/from each node or room.

* With the WIRES-X Portable Digital Node function, you cannot operate a WIRES-X Room (including a digital room) or use the remote-control function from another location.

Follow the Yaesu instructions HRI-200 Manual

Digital Node

If you want to use digital you’ll need two WIRES-X radios, HRI-200 and a PC

Compatible radios

  • FTM-100D (firmware – 0205 or newer)
  • FTM-300D
  • FTM-400D (firmware – 0205 or newer)
  • Yaesu fusion radio FTM-300, FTM-100 or FTM-400
  • HRI-200 WIRES-X node
  • Dummy load
  • Computer running Windows
  • A second radio Wires-x capable


Setting up a local node

So another way to connect is via your own local node. This will involve getting a fusion compatible radio (or two), a HRI-200 and having a PC to use to run wires-x software (app) and having a second radio to talk through.

For PDN use top ‘Ways to connect’ menu or


Same physical setup as digital

You can then use any FM UHF/VHF radio to connect to your node and join rooms using the PC software and talk to other hams.

Compatible radios

  • FTM-100D (firmware – 0205 or newer)
  • FTM-300D
  • FTM-400D (firmware – 0205 or newer)
  • Yaesu fusion radio FTM-300, FTM-100 or FTM-400
  • HRI-200 WIRES-X node
  • Dummy load
  • Computer running Windows
  • A second radio (any VHF/UHF FM radio will do)

Connect up equipment (as per Yaesu instructions)

On the PC software go to File > Transceiver

As long as you are not connected to a room you can change between FM and Digital

You can also set the frequency here

FM = Analogue
HRI-200 Manual

Need help? Go to the forum

Once you are all setup!

Once you have a radio connected to your HRI-200 and you have the software loaded on a PC, you are ready for the next part.
NOTE – It does take a few minutes for all the station information to load into the PC software.

Then if you’re using digital you need to connect to the HRI-200, this can be done by pressing the Wires-x button

For FMT-400 & FTM-100 a 1 second press is required
For FT2 & FT3 a quick press is required 

Once you’re connected to a node, you can then pick a room to join; here are some ways to do that.

Changing Rooms

For methods with a * next to the title you can only do this when other stations are not transmitting; if you’re all ready in a room

There is a background noise of fans in the videos – I apologise but they are very necessary

DTMF buttons *

If you know the room number then you can type it in to the fist-mic; the first # will need to be held down for about 1 second

Type the number then press # again to complete, the radio will then send out the radio to the HRI-200 radio combination and change rooms

Please join us in room 41893

Radio Menu List *

Radio Menu Search *

PC Software

PC specs (required)

The PC on which to install it must have at least the following characteristics:

• OS: Microsoft® Windows Vista – 7/8 – 8.1 – 10 
• CPU speed: 2.0 GHz 
• HDD: 1 GB of empty space 
• RAM: 2 GB (or more)
• USB port: 2.0 (Full-speed) 
• Display resolution: 1366 x 768 (at least)
  16-bit high colour (32-bit true colour is recommended) 
• LAN port: 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T or Wi-Fi

To find out your PC information click the search next to your star menu and type about
or download CPU-z

PLEASE NOTE: The last update allows PDN mode which will allow the radio to connect via a PC. You might need to install the update firmware to the radio yourself.


HRI-200 with

Dual Transceivers

So if you are using a HRI-200 you may of noticed that there are two radio ports on the back, although you only get one lead (CT-174)

The only real purpose I can see for this is in the use of a repeater, where it has two radios working together.

Anything we’ve missed please tell us