HRI mic

Fusion C4FM WIRES-X help and information

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No radio required

You will need…



Laptop or PC



ADSL 8 Mbps or more

The Wires-X Microphone plugs directly into the Yaesu HRI-200 modem and uses the Wires-X software to communicate with other Wires-X modem users.
Set up the HRI-200 and plug the mic into the HRI-200 and begin talking with other Wires-X stations.

The microphone is wired to interface directly with your HRI-200 It uses a 9 volt battery for the microphone preamp.

You then can install a mono 3.5mm plug in place of the stereo one on your computer speakers cable you can still hear everything on the internet and other audio through the audio codec of the HRI-200 without having two sets of speakers.

You have to use a set of (powered) speakers plugged into the speaker jack on the HRI-200 when using the Microphone to hear the audio. The HRI-200 has a mono output so you would need a mono speaker or use a stereo to mono adapter on your stereo speakers.