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If you have bought an MMDVM from us with large screen and want to change the layout and background, see below

Please note we do NOT offer support for screen layouts and will not help with issues therefore relating.

Need a copy of the default layout?


The MMDVM with 3.2″ screen comes with the basic interface installed.

If you want to change it then this is done on the screen itself

Write the image to a micro SD-card then, you power off the unit; put the SD-Card in the back of the screen, then power back on the MMDVM and you will see it update like in the above picture. Power off: take out SD card then when you next power on it will load with your new interface.

See our video for guide.


Connect your Nextion device via a USB-to-TTL (UART) adaptor to your PC. Look which com-port it is connected to and select Upload in your Nextion Editor. Select the correct com-port and start the upload. As is the case with the TFT file upload, the screen will display its progress as the upload progress. Once it hit 100% your image will appear. Disconnect the USB to TTL adaptor from the computer.

Nextion Driver

So for some added features like the layouts below…

You will need to install the nextion driver; information about this can be found here

The MMDVM comes with this installed

You can then update the screen layout to something that might be more aesthetically pleasing.

All Screen downloads

All the downloads for layouts on the above link have been tested with Our MMDVM

Default layout

WIRES-X.UK layouts

Blue Sx 3.2″ v1.0

Blue Sx 3.2″

Circuits Blue 1.2rc

Circuits red

V1.2 (being made)

Circuits white

V1.2 Now available


Help can be found at facebook nextion page