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Mac OS for Ham radio

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So there are enough sites for information about Windows Ham programs and everyone knows HRD. I am highlighting the Mac because it’s so much simpler to use and upto 12 hours battery life.

Why use a Mac

If you go portable then a MacAir or MacPro are ideal for logging your contacts.

  • MacBook Air – 12 hours battery life
  • MacBook pro – 10 hours battery life

The site is not affiliated with Apple, but if you are thinking of buying a mac you can do so on their website https://www.apple.com/uk/mac/

Thinking of making the switch to MAC?
Check out Apples information…
Mac Basics New to Mac

Not want to take a Laptop around?
Then how about an iPad or similar?


This is a simple enough app to use and you can link your radio to it via Bluetooth, and even share the log with your PC
Note* This app costs, but not as much as buying a MacBook

Link for iPhone and iPad App Store – – Link to dl2rum.de RUMlog website

Click for larger view – screen shot from iPad mini 4

Add a contest calendar to your smart phone or tablet

Contest Calendar