GM – Group Mode

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The GM (Group Monitor) function automatically monitors on the same frequency for any other stations with the GM function in operation, or stations operating in DN mode within communication range. The GM function then displays the acquired direction and distance information for each detected call sign on the screen.


So there has (at time of writing) been no frequency allocated to Yaesu’s GM. APRS is known to be on 144.800MHz (UK); I haven’t yet found anyone using GM, whether this is because there is not a frequency or people just aren’t interested. I would like to put out there that since the band plan allows for this, if hams started using it and then give it a frequency, then it can be a useful tool.

VHF – 144.925 MHz ?

UHF – 439.600 MHz ?

Any other ideas welcome, and I have opened a forum for this or anyone using GM?

GM forum

Yaesu GM feature – KC8MTV

Yaesu GM – M6JKA

Andy points out some of the features of GM; is anyone else is using this feature we would love to know!

There have been some changes to GM mode and I will try to make a video.