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WIRES-X help and information

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How to update firmware on your fusion radio…

So I will say that updating is not the most straight forward – however it is not overly difficult if you follow a few simple steps.

There are three parts to updating a radio

  • Main
  • Sub
  • DSP

You can skip to the radio you would like to update then you can watch a video of how to update or read the PDF for a step by step guide.

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Remember help is available in the forum

Mobile radios



Start by heading over to the Yaesu website

Once you downloaded the firmware there are PDF documents in the folder on how to update the different parts of the firmware.

There is a short video to give some idea on how this is done.



Start by heading over to the Yaesu website





To check the radios firmware version

  • Hold Disp
  • touch Display
  • scroll to no 11 (Software version) then touch


Firstly head over to Yaesu.com and download the firmware FT2D link, then click the files tab and download firmware.

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Once you have the firmware downloaded unzip the file and inside you will find two versions – USA and EXP (Rest of world).

Once inside there are two PDF documents, one for updating the Main and Sub, the other for updating DSP. It’s best to work through the updates in order (main – sub – DSP)

Open the PDF called “FT2DR_DE_MAIN_SUB_Firmware_Ver_Up_Manual_ENG_****-D.pdf” This will give you instructions for updating the main and sub firmware.

Open PDF in your web browser (Left click to open or right click and ‘save as’) – then open in Adobe PDF viewer

You can also watch Yaesu (USA) video


Update available – 19/12/19

Check the radios firmware version

  • Hold Disp
  • touch Display
  • scroll to no 11 (Software version) then touch

Known Issue

I know a few hams that have had great trouble updating the radios firmware. When we got down to root cause, it was because they have drivers for other devices on their computer and this was not allowing the update program to see the radio that you want to update.

There are some solutions; Firstly find another computer to run the firmware update. If you know someone that has a computer and doesn’t use it for Ham radio, then that PC would be great for updating the firmware. The driver you need to install can be left on the PC and will not cause any problems. The second is to uninstall the driver for other radios and then windows should see the radio being updated. The downside of this it then the radio that normally connects to that PC will have to be set up again.

Trouble shooting

Windows can be rather trying at times and there are many reason why it will not pick up the radio and write the new data. If you are having trouble getting Windows to see the radio or write to it then you can ask questions in the forum. But if you know someone that is good with Windows then it is worth asking them if they could have a look. It’s normally a driver issue as to why Windows cannot see or write to the radio.

Firmware – Forum