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WIRES-X help and information

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Information about this website

When I first started with wires-x I struggled to find out information and a place to ask questions. Some of which would of be useful before I started. 

I hope this website will bridge that gap

So why launch a website early? To find help with making the site and to find out what content will be useful to others.

Planned parts

  • Members area (live)
  • Shop to buy parts to get started (live)
  • Videos on how to… (part)
  • Downloads and links for Mac users
  • Email addresses for admins (live)
  • How to connect radios
  • Radio Firmware update guide (part)

Want to help? Please click me!

What edits and changes have been made


  • Added images to zello page for other options
  • Updated command for YSF PI
  • Changed few layout items on YSF pi post
  • Added post for changing IP in cmd for Raspbian
  • Added video to OpenSopt page


  • Updated layout and content MB6RI page
  • Update content on Our kits page
  • Changed membership – due to issue
  • Non-site – FIREWALL
    • Added LAG to firewall for LAN


  • Two site updates
  • Non-site – FIREWALL
    • Changed LAN IP for same subnets


  • One site update
  • Added YSF reflector msg to home page
  • Non-site – FIREWALL
    • New firewall installed
    • Re-setup YSF reflector
    • Updated port settings
    • BU config


  • Edits, content and layout changes to PDN page
  • Edits and layout to Repeaters page
  • One site update


  • Two site updates


  • Complete shop update and upgrade
  • four site updates
  • Changes made to menu on radios page


  • Changed short cut on radios page
  • Added more radios that can support WIRES-X


  • Added support for HEIC files (testing)
  • Added some photos to Our kit page
  • Change of information Our kit page


  • Two site updates
  • Changes made info etc on Our kit page (members only)


  • Four site updates
  • Brands added to shop
  • Two changes to home page


  • Vendors section done (G0UKP)
  • One site update


  • Site back up


  • Server updates
    • Update OS version
    • Update PHP version
    • Update cloud
    • Update pools
    • Service add for iperf
    • Added battery BBU for modem
  • Added updated version on nextcloud install
  • SSL enabled for cloud
  • Added use sale pages thanks for G0UKP (in testing) coding by 2E0KCL


  • One site update
  • Changed layout home page
  • Changed video home page


  • Two site updates
  • Edit to ‘Online’ button
  • Change to routing settings (for planned upgrade)
  • Changed (proposed) specs of server 2
  • One site update postponed


  • Three site updates
  • Updated Repeaters and gateways map


  • One site update
  • Playing with the idea of ‘admin online’ button (testing)


  • One translation update
  • Removed unused code from radios page
  • Changed security settings
  • One correction home page


  • Changes to home page – layout and content
  • Changes to our kit page
  • Changes to contact page
  • Updated site map options


  • Added more to pi-star page
  • More added to Software page (mostly layout)
  • Three site updates


  • Two site updates
  • Added and changed info to shop items
  • Edit to functions


  • Four site updates
  • Added FTM-300 to radios page
  • Few layout changes to radios page
  • Few wording edit to radios page
  • Added SCU cable link to PDN page
  • Change to HRI page
  • Removed some unused images


  • Added how to update plex to setup page
  • Added new product
  • Added slide show back to MMDVM page
  • Added post for ‘transmit out of band mod’
  • Made mod category
  • Added image YSF post
  • Shop
    • Sourcing more versions of MMDVM
  • Edits to shop
  • HRI mic page added


  • Two site updates
  • Change to top bar to make it stand out more
  • Added link to MB6RI in top bar
  • 404 page added
  • Started other digital mode pages for members
  • Change to widgets wording title
  • Changed to out kit page
  • Few changes to home page
    • Change of footer orientation
    • Change to Ham comments BG and design
  • Change to layout about page
  • Edit to pi-hole post
  • More edit to our kit page
  • Added more to how-they-link page
  • Edit to profile linking > to posts only


  • Small change to home page
  • Small issue with sending emails resolved
  • Change to visits for January
  • Removed admin visits from stats
  • Added code to remove admin visits going forward
  • Improved search crawling for Bing and Google (blocked one web explorer)
  • One site update
  • Proof read done
  • Changed links on imaging page


Tons of background stuff over the last week
Can’t emphasise that enough lol
  • User are now required to verify email address (not sending this out in bulk, but you will be prompted when you login)
  • Change to login and account names on main menu (easier to understand)
  • Added ipref3 to projects (used a bit this end lol might be interesting to some)
  • Added image handler for loading images


Big update done to give the site a better look, which intern caused loads of issues (including crashing the site at one point) – 2E0KCL has worked all day Sunday to resolve and we think we’re nearly there!
  • One site update
  • Site theme updated for more options and flexibility
  • Problem plugins removed (losing some features; l but making things more stable)
  • Issue with User account resolved
  • All users now under same category
  • All users can now use forum
  • All new users now required to confirm email address
  • New parts added to home page
  • Issues resolved with three password fields on sign up
  • Passwords made more secure by emailing to new user
  • Code added back in for user to see parts non-members cannot
  • Frequencies added to MB6RI page
  • Tip added to pi-star page


Tons of background stuff over the last few days


  • Site update theme


  • One site update
  • Updates from yesterday removed and they caused endless problems
  • Linux info added to SD card for pi-star
  • Changed MB6RI logo to wires-x on PC interface (when get info is clicked)
  • Changed video on home page


  • Six site updates
  • Added more info to about page
  • Issue with one site update – caused pages not to load
    • Removed newer version
    • Install older versions (temp fix)


  • Change to home page
  • Added monitoring for MB6RI on MB6RI page
  • Change to tops menu
  • Mostly Server and services updates
    • Email system now up and working (albeit with a small issues or two)
    • IMAP now working
    • MB6RI service check now live (updates on mb6ri page) every 30 mins
    • DNS records cleaned up
    • Removed unused sub-domains
    • DMZ for emails done ( Discard the email )
    • Email encryption done
  • Change log to 2019 now separate page
  • One site update


  • Few small layout changes to radios page
  • Added repeater (basic) info to radios page
  • Added more info and images to SCU section on radios page
  • Added watermark to a few images
  • Changed slider on about page
  • Few layout changes to about page
  • Added Video for updating pi-star
  • Added video to video page
  • Open in new window option for gateway map added
  • Change and edit content on home page
  • Playing with the idea of Our team…


  • Added bit more to AllStar page
  • Change to front page x2


  • Small change to mb6ri page
  • Added AllStarLink page
  • Added above to menus
  • Changed server settings
    • security header
    • sniffing header
    • HSTS
  • Changed one image due to http transport
  • Email systems finished
  • Site scanned for security issues
  • One site update
  • Added more info to Radios page about water resistance
  • Added IPX (inline) popup for info on above ratings


  • One site update
  • Edit to shop emails
  • Change to adding tracking info


  • Four site updates
  • Secured all admin accounts
  • Updated all Google Analytics (plugin) – Mostly because they now want to charge £100pa to use
  • New Google Analytics installed and tested (site test to be done)
  • Remove used bits
  • Small update to email system (more to be done) to make everyone life easier
  • Small link change to node page


  • Updated info on DV4Home page
  • Few changes to Echolink page
  • Small change to repeaters page
  • Modes pop-up changed
  • Small change to forum front page


  • Two site updates
  • Changed scroll up icon
  • Site clean up – Removed 12 unused pages
  • Added DV4Home to main menu
  • Removed Pi-hole page and put into post for members only
  • Changed all blog posts (projects) to have tags, for easier searching
  • Removed unused images from site
  • Site backed up


  • Edits to shop and shop information
  • Edit and improvements made top repeaters page
  • New FUSION map from us and up to date
  • Edit to AMBEserver page
  • Edit to forum starter page
  • More info added to Software page
  • More changes to Repeaters page (layout)
  • Added Modes inline table to repeaters page
  • Removed code for handling pop-ups due to java clash
  • Added MODE popup on repeaters page (different way of doing it)
  • Repeaters and Gateway map updated alpha v2


  • Update and edits to Mac OS for Ham radio page
  • Added contest calendar page
  • Changed a lot on all the Mac pages (considering how long they will all take to fully make and update might be unsustainable)
  • Link added to another website in lieu of above
  • Change to a few downloads etc
  • How to page added to contest calendar
  • Added banner to front page advertising signing up
  • Removed MacHam selection from front page


  • Edits made to kit page
  • Change to members menu item
  • More edits and changes to kit page


  • One site update
  • Change made and content added to Mac OS for hams page


  • One site update
  • PHP version updated
    • PHP 7.1
    • PHP 7.3
  • Change to GM page
  • Change to profiles to allow Gravatar


  • One site update
  • One translation update


  • More added to About Wires-x page
  • More info added to projects page YSF (Members)
  • Slide show added to above


  • Removed theme info from footer
  • Added search to footer
  • Changed position of Secure in footer
  • Added Donate to footer
  • Added copyright to footer
  • Corrected two bits of code on contact pages


  • Home page edit to visited times counters
  • Edit to home page banner now with link to MB6RI page (or MB6RI.co.uk)
  • One site update
  • Spelling correction on banner (ops)
  • Change to banner to incorporate newer things


  • Three site updates
  • Added code to handle live view of node (someway off being done)
  • Edit to top bar to include MB6RI info
  • Added code to handle inline text (planned idea – just testing)
  • Small correction (layout) to pi-star page
  • Adding updating pi-star to page


  • Bought domain MB6RI.co.uk and linked to new page (of the same name)
  • Change to repeater and gateway page for above
  • Accidentally bought MB6RIpro.co.uk (opps)
  • New page for MB6RI and content added (C&P from repeaters page)


  • One site update
  • Database update
  • You now have to make an account to order (for below to work)
  • Refund system now integrated to order on accounts page
  • Refund system now live
  • Image removed from TeamSpeak page


  • One site update
  • Add donation button added to checkout page


  • Change to GM page
  • One site update
  • Change to sitemap priority
  • Edit to YSF reflector


  • Two site updates
  • Added Kit page for members (adding content)
  • Small change to Firmware page


  • Change to all ‘ways to connect’ menus hovering mouse now shows Free on relevant items
  • Small grammar change on Repeaters page
  • Radio page change for 991A thanks to KI7FXJ for pointing out the mistake
  • HRI page image added from W7GRA of repeater
  • Wording changed on HRI page
  • Grammar change on this page
  • DV4Home page added (for members)
  • Added text to GM page


  • Members preview now pages with comment box
  • Change wording quick link MMDVM page
  • Added short videos for QRZ lookups MMDVM page (might not keep)
  • Thanks to a neat bit of coding by 2E0KCL members pages are now restricted to members (instead of just menu items) top stuff
  • Changed emojis


  • Five site updates
  • Made video for MMDVM changing rooms (now on MMDVM page)
  • Few layout changes and more content added to MMDVM page
  • Correction to members menu
  • Link for changing room added to top of MMDVM page
  • New video added to video page
  • Menu added to video page
  • Layout change to videos page
  • Edit to footer (site wide)
  • Edit to layout on forum start page
  • Changed menu item
  • More content added to HRI page
  • Correction to quick link HRI page
  • Site backed up
  • Error corrected on refund page
  • Link in members menu changed
  • QRZ page for MB6RI done (https://www.qrz.com)
  • NON-SITE – Pi-star config updated


  • Three site updates


  • Added bit more info to open spot page
  • Software page started (yes another started page lol) Members only
  • Two site updates
  • Home page changed to beg for help lol (I hope)
  • Edit to menus for above page Members only
  • Checked Google and Bing search for term then added to MB6RI info


  • Two site updates
  • Change to one link


  • One site update
  • Started page for openSPOT
  • Edit to this page form at bottom
  • Edit to gateways page
  • Edit to MMDVM page


  • Edit to wording gateways page
  • Been working on another video – almost ready
  • Update to front page


  • One site update
  • More information added to firmware page
  • Change to front page
  • Change to banner front page for MB6RI
  • Change to repeaters & gateways page
  • MB6RI now live – Been mostly working on that today


  • One site update
  • Started Dual radio on HRI page (I seem to start a lot of things – HELP required!!!)
  • Added image for above
  • Changed settings in radio and stared making video for above
  • Few layout & image changes to HRI page


  • Three site updates
  • Correction to Contact page
  • Added two videos to PDN page for FTM100 & FTM-400 (co YT)
  • Started adding info for two radios to HRI-200 page
  • Wording change to HRI page
  • Added ‘to top link’ (floating) to all pages
  • Skip to added to repeaters page
  • UKrepeater.net links changed on repeaters page
  • Correction to internal scroll link repeaters page
  • Scroll to top link changed to left side
  • Added info to repeaters map for changing what you see
  • Added small guide to repeaters page for map
  • Started Issues section for firmware
  • Change to note repeaters page to include gateways


  • Two site updates
  • Change Repeaters page to Repeater & Gateways
  • Added Gateway info to repeaters page
  • Submitted application for our Gateway
  • Added VETTING map for our planned gateway
  • Changed code to handle iframes better (albeit not yet live)
  • Added page live on firmware page
  • Layout change firmware page
  • Added FT3D image for version checking to firmware page
  • Added FT3D how to check firmware


  • Added more to firmware page


  • Added more to firmware page
  • Change to video main page – links to firmware page


  • Started firmware update page (preview for members)
  • Change text on PDN section


  • Two site updates
  • Few small layout changes
  • Continued testing for extra shop functions
  • Removed fireworks
  • Added Update info to front page


  • Two site updates
  • More information added to radios page
  • Slight layout change to radios page

2019 log

Please use this form if you can help

Ok if you have a means to connect to WIRES-X then you can probably help others – or write how you connect, all information would help someone that has never used or only just got started.

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