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WIRES-X help and information

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Advert Box E (above)

With all adverts

There are 5 slots available, two in the footer, two on the right side and one at the top of pages (A,B,C,D,E) – Only A & B appear on the home page.

If you have 4 images on rotation, each one can link to a different part of your website.
Images must already be the size specified and be in jpeg format.

Choose where

  • footer
  • side bar
  • top of page

How long

  • 2 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months

End of term report**

  • amount of times seen
  • amount of times clicked

Option One

Footer or Side

One location can be chosen
Unlimited clicks & Impressions

£ 10 (2 months)
£ 25 (6 months)
£ 45 (12 months)

Advert (square)

  • Up to 4 images
  • 300 x 300 px
  • Every page
  • Time for image to change
    • 5 to 30 seconds
    • Page load

Option Two

Banner every page (except Home)
Unlimited clicks & Impressions

£ 40 (2 months)
£ 100 (6 months)

  • Top of every page
  • Up to 4 images
  • 1000 x 300 px
  • Time for image to change
    • 6 seconds
    • Page load

Enquiry form

Brand or company name
UK mobile or landline
Only tick this box if are are wanting to advertise and would like to know when the box will be available. please fill out the rest of the form as applicable.

Option Three

Being made

** Can be requested at anytime
All adverts must be approved – We reserve the right not to start any advert for any or no reason given
We reserve the right to cancel an advert if it links to a closed website; website with malware, malicious or adult content. There will be no refund for any reason; edits to advert can be made.